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My experiences with this photographer have been nothing but lovely. I recommend this photographer as he takes his work seriously, and puts all effort into making the finished product as best as possible. He's improved significantly over the past year or so and continues to amaze me each photo set with new skills. A total pleasure to work with.

- Vadim Cospage.

Richard’s professionalism is outstanding and I have always experienced nothing but good things when working with this photographer. I recommend him highly as he is a pleasure to work with.

- Kelsyfluff Cosplay.

Richard is nothing but pleasant to work with. Every time we have worked together I have enjoyed myself completely as well as gotten some amaizng photos as a result. Such a relaxed environment and a joy for every photoshoot.

- Twiggles Cosplay.

I highly recommend Richard as a photographer. A combination of high quality equipment as well as a good eye for professional, clean shots makes him a go to for cosplay and modeling photos. I love working with him as I am able to have input in how I want the photos to look as well as getting direction and honesty from him through the shoot process.

- Little Luna Cosplay.